Pastor Wayne Griffiths

Pastor Wayne Griffiths

Senior Pastor


He is a native Long Islander and he has been pastor at our church since September of 1999.  He has been married to Terri for 36 years and they have three children.  Wayne wants to be known as a “man who loves God.”  When he meets God face to face he hopes to hear “well done good and faithful servant.”


About 33 years ago Wayne and Terri were hosting a co-worker’s 13 year old daughter for the weekend.  She requested that they take her to church.  Intrigued that a teenager wanted to go to church the Griffiths went along with her.  They loved Lynbrook Baptist Church and began to attend regularly.  At this time Wayne was working as a “Safety Engineer” in fire protection.  Wayne was eventually asked to be an elder, a job which he desired but for which he didn’t feel qualified.  So he started attending “Seminary of the East,” on Saturday mornings “to be a better elder.”  While there he became interested in church planting.


Pastor Wayne knew there was no turning back in his life when he moved his family to Michigan in a step of obedience and faith.  There, he continued his education at the “Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary.”  Through a series of Godly coincidences, he became Pastor of a small rural church.  After four years God led him back to Long Island to become pastor at FBCB.


When I asked why he comes to work every day, Wayne replied, “God has called me to preach the Gospel and because I love it.”  Also he jokingly added, “Where else could I work an hour a week and get paid to read scripture?” Seriously, he loves preaching God’s good news of the gospel, answering questions about scripture and pointing people to the cross and the grace of God.  Being Senior Pastor means that he gets to equip and delegate to others.  Also, he believes that the “buck stops with the Senior Pastor,” in other words, that with any problems, his is the final responsibility.  Wayne cringes when Christians portray God as mean and don’t communicate His life-changing grace to the world.


Things you may not know about Pastor Wayne:

  • He was a volunteer fireman for 25 years
  • In college he used to pilot small aircraft
  • He used to skydive. (during his adventuresome days)
  • His current hobby is woodworking


Pastor Wayne has been described by his congregation as:

  • Friendly
  • Caring
  • Down to earth
  • Approachable
  • Easy to talk to
  • Godly
  • Loves the Lord

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